Kokakiki [koh-kuh-kee-kee] is company of video games enthusiasts who share a common vision of the games they wanted to make and play. Our goal is to become recognized as a source of high-quality casual games for the entire family.

Because size and structure of our company, we are wide open to new business contacts in the sphere of outsourcing, publishing and distribution.

We delivers games that are good looking, technically sound and fun to play. We would like to offered the following professional services for you:

  • Complete 3D and 2D video game development
  • Cross platform and multi-platform interactivity
  • Creative concept, brand design and development
  • Collaboration with specialist knowledge experts
  • Game engine software development
  • Content creation and authoring (including graphics, game-play, narrative and sound)
  • Development innovations and special features
  • Quality assurance (QA) management.