About The Game

Tweens is a challenging time-based action puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find pairs of pigs in order to make them disappear in lovely mud. You must create a direct path between two pig twins, but make sure the path is not blocked by obstacles. Complete levels by clearing all the pigs from the screen before time runs out.
In special St. Valentine’s Edition mode, as in regular Tweens game, you race against the clock to match same colored pigs, but in St. Valentine’s Edition mode it is not enough – additionally pigs must be different gender!


Tweens HDWhat can you do to make your pigs happy?
Can you find the appropriate twins – pardon, tweens?


» Addictive and funny, relaxing, mind sharpening puzzle!
» Improve your concentration, reflexes and hawk-eyes!
» HD version with full Retina support and crystal-sharp textures!
» Cute graphics and colorful pigs with addictive music and authentic sounds!
» Simple tap controls make Tweens easy to learn but difficult to master!
» Multitouch support – use two fingers at once to speed up your play!
Tweens Lite» Earn extra points by connecting pigs in special streaks – get various bonuses, combos and rampages!
» Complete 75 levels of challenging action puzzle and unlock ENDLESS mode as a reward!
» Additional 20 levels in special St. Valentine’s Edition game mode!
» Flying pigs on your demand!
» Butterflies, sheep, dogs, rocks and more!
Game Center Support:
» Over 60 unique achievements!
» Compete against your friends on global leaderboards!

Tweens HD

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later



Tweens review on the Apps Rooster (88/100)

“It is perfect puzzle action game for those who like to play fast and furious.”


    Tweens review on the Lowdown (8/10)

    “A few annoyances aside I really enjoyed playing Tweens, it’s a greatly enjoyable game to play that will constantly have you thinking on your feet about what to tap next.”


      Tweens review on the AppleBites

      “This game is awesome and it will make you laugh a lot, enhancing the entertainment quotient.”


        Tweens review on the Coolsmartphone

        “Tweens is a great little puzzle game which is easy to pick up and play when you have a spare five minutes – although be warned, it has that addictive quality which can easily see five minutes turn into half an hour.”


          Tweens review on the iViewApps (4/5)

          “Tweens HD is a fast pace finger tapping frenzy.”


            Tweens review on the CrazyMikesapps (4/5)

            “this is a funny fun game, probably underrated and you may not have even heard of it”


              Tweens review on the Christ Centered Gamer (80%)

              “Overall, Tweens is the perfect game to load up while waiting for the bus. It’s quick arcade style creates a frenetic pace and the polished presentation makes it a joy to look at.”


                Tweens review on the Bytten (82/100)

                “Fiendishly addictive, simple and yet frenetic, Tweens HD is a good way to burn up any spare time you have going to waste. A solid and effective puzzle game for those that like playing fast and furious. Well done!”


                  Tweens review on the 148Apps (4/5)

                  “However, annihilating its stages as quickly as possible is empowering to a degree not too often felt in puzzle games. Anyone looking for a more caffeinated brain teaser should check it out.”


                    Tweens review on the GameTrender

                    “Come down from your adrenalin rush and play the game in slowtime with the music swapped to ambient to enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature. Because you’ll have certainly deserved your break after all this frantic fun!”


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