Ziro review on the Gamezebo (2.5/5)

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What makes Ziro much more interesting is the extra layers of math it adds. Don’t worry; it’s not the boring kind of math. If two dice are not the same but touching and you flick them together, they will combine into a new die. If the numbers add up to less than nine, they will be added. If they would add up to more, the smaller number will subtract from the larger number. For example, if a stage has four dice with two, three, four and five, you’d need to get the two and five together, the four and three together, add those pairs to seven, then get the newly-created sevens beside each other to clear the level. With 300 levels, there’s a lot to do!

Please read full review at Gamezebo (http://www.gamezebo.com/games/ziro/review).


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